Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Resolution!

I dont normally make a resolution I usually have a statement for the year like 2008 the year that was great... 2010 get hiking again... etc I havent thought of one yet for this year however I am going to attempt to do something a little crazier I am going to blog everyday!!! OMG WHAT!!! Listen I know I have the attention span of a squirrel drinking coffee (seen over the hedge?)but I am going to try it out... mind you if it fails dismally I've already told you so! LOL.

SALEABRATION! yep this little baby is getting closer and closer and I have matched up some pattern papers (Everyday Enchantment series) with the You are loved stamp set in the summer mini. I would like to do up a little prestamped , die cut kit for this one which you can put together yourself. The kit would come with enough supplies to make 8 little cards as pictured and cost around $6 with postage. I wont make them up just yet I am just gauging interest so email me if you are interested :)

What is your new year Resolution??

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