Saturday, 10 August 2013

Tape It Stamps

Good morning all on this lovely Saturday morning! We have a mix of seasons today here in Hobart. Rain, cloud, filters of some sunshine and chilly breeze. A great day to enjoy the scenery from indoors while getting out those stamps still in packaging and give them a good whirl! 

Its so hard to keep going into my spare room to undertake work related matters while surrounded by all the things you love and then be so tired when it comes to the weekend you have to push yourself to have some fun !

I have a few sets to play with but would like to highlight this one this week its called tape it.
Wood mount 130712 $46.95 and Clear Mount 130715 $36.95
Clearly a big investment in terms of money spend as it is up there a the top end of price within the catalogue. However, I think you can get a LOT of use out of this one. Washi Tape is all the rage at the moment. It comes in a variety of styles textures and colours. Using your existing stamp pads you have the colours required to match your projects. So with 8 different stamps and 10 colours in your stash you already have 80 different stamps!!
Personally I haven't really got into the whole Washi tape thing ....Yet.
In actual fact I always seem to catch onto things at the last minute after the latest cratest craze has passed and the crowds are clearing lately...when I look at the Washi Tape I think.. What on Earth Will I DO With This Stuff!! and then I thank chocolate that there is the internet and google and search for some inspiration. Hopefully my little collection of searches and pictures will provide you with some too and help you to see the benefits of this stamp set as a must have addition to your collection.
Where possible I have included photos with watermarks that indicate the original creator of the projects.


Scrapbooking pages your thing?? Just a couple of pages I adored within my searches.
Pinterest is another great source of ideas. If you are a crafter and haven't yet joined this social network you are bat crazy!! its awesome!! 100 ways to washi can be found at

12 days 12 ways of Washi Tape
Day 11 pressed clay moulds ( used search tool on her blog for more days and ideas)
And just a couple more pictures for some added inspiration.

By checking out the different ways that washi tape can be used you get a lot of ideas for what to do with your stamped images. So don't forget to check out you tube as well!! Happy Saturday :)

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