Sunday, 20 October 2013

Gift Bow Bigz L Die & Big Shot Machine

I bought the set of these already pre-cut and just needing some assembly but think I may splurge sometime in the future. I could use these big bows for so many things. Obviously the most common would be on presents. But what about garlands, wreaths, disposable bonnets for dress-ups, on cards, to embellish a paper bag or attach to the back of chairs for special events!! These were just some if the ideas poking around in my head and its only early in the morning!!! LOL

You can order this beauty in the catalogue. You would also need a big shot machine. These machines are simply awesome. I procrasticated about buying one for ages and finally did after I went to a workshop and haven't looked back. I used it just about everytime I scrapbook or make cards.

The Big shot is a machine that allows you to sandwich paper and cutting die between two plastic sheets and roll through the machine which applies the cutting pressure. They are expensive but you could use hostess dollars or half price options at one of your workshops to bring the cost down significantly.

If you have never seen one in action here is a how to video.

Where to find in the catalogue?
Gift Bow BigzL die - Seasonal Catalogue 129977 AUD $55.95
Big Shot Machine - Annual Catalogue 113439 AUD $149.95

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