Sunday, 17 May 2015

Store your Loose Stamps

27 Days until my Launch Party!
Stamp club this coming Thursday- Would love some company :)

I was buying stamps from this company when they came in the flimsy plastic boxes. I would stack them in my cupboard only to have them collapse on me if I had to pick one right at the bottom! LOL Then Stampin Up introduced the new storage cases. They come in different sizes so you can reorder your stamps and other products if you wish. I love these. They have tidied my shelf and I can find what I need in no time... better still they stack so much better!!

So I had my stamps in these new cases and I needed to make the insert. Thanks to the internet no problemo! I found the file needed for that too! Below are the links to the inserts for full and half size cases. The Pdf will allow you to type the name on front and down the spine. For the front cover I relived my love of the sets by stamping the designs on. This is a great way to get inspired as well particularly if you haven't used that set for a while !

Full Insert
Half Insert

A search might provide you withe inserts related to a stamp set but I found this was the quickest and easiest way to do mine. I hope this helps you out too!

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