Saturday, 17 September 2016

Is Crafting Dead?

I was up early this morning and as I like to do most days grabbed my iPad and began browsing. Interestingly enough today I wasn't looking at videos of cats, dogs or even fail compilations I actually needed a pair of long tweezers so that I don't burn all the skin and hair off my hand as I am embossing... which BTW is my newest favourite thing to be doing.
As I searched for an online store that I could use for this terribly life and death first world problem purchase I was experiencing trouble...there are not a lot around!! a bit like the ol bricks and mortar kind..rare as hens! We only have one store here in Hobart and its quite a journey!
The ones that are online are usually poorly stocked - no fault of their own (I couldn't imagine how hard it would be to look into a crystal ball and determine stock) or worse still in a phase of CLOSING DOWN which begs the question is the papercraft world I love DYING!!
I even found an article on it written in a humorous way but making some good points.

To be honest I haven't scrapbooked for ages.. I thought project life would help but all I have managed to do is stock up on a million journal cards, stickers, pockets and life quotes. Lately I am finding it hard to even have the motivation to create cards. I walk into my spare room..get overwhelmed.. and walk back out again!! ....Probably more to do with the fact it needs a clean up though in all honesty LOL

I  did manage to find a few stores that I visit and purchase from occasionally that remain open and If it really is true that the craft we all love is facing a death March then I might just have to go shopping and support them so that damn well stay open!! It is all about me of course
Anna's Craft Cupboard They reopened again!
Crafts Online
Fat Cats Card Corner

What do you all think..Is it dead? Are you paper crafting a lot these days? Do you have a fav store you would like to add? Please leave a comment below.

In the meantime here is some inspiration for today.

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