Saturday, 24 September 2016


Well here it is Saturday again! Don't get me wrong I am so happy its here and I am starting a bit of a break as well just seems that as you get older they come around faster and faster and before you know it you are at another birthday...or another Christmas.
I was soooo slack last year. I had all these Christmas cards in a box ready to be filled and sent and do you think that happened? I didn't send one!! not because I didn't want to I just simply forgot... our school term runs up to a day or two before Christmas day and with everything else going on.. I forgot!! It didn't stop there...look at our hopeless attempt at putting up a tree and I kid you not this is how it stayed over the holiday season with the addition of a bit of tinsel we threw on it last minute!!

So determined am I to put things right again, make and send those cards, get my home decorated like I have in the past and there is a bit of an incentive this year. This cheeky little monkey (and incredibly gorgeous grand daughter)

So expect to see a few videos and posts of xmas ideas. In the meantime here is a little share of a cheap and effective way to store stamps and dies that I came up with.

Until next time :)

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