Tuesday, 24 January 2012

343: Tuesday Tip

Everytime I stamp or scrap I sponge and ink the edges of things. What I have found is that I end up with a container full of inked up sponges etc and have no clue as to what colour goes with what ink pad. I saw another demonstrator online who had used a storage drawer set up. She placed her sponges in well labelled drawers and could easily find the sponge to match.

The only problem I face is room. I use a small desk for work and hobby and I really cant afford the space to have lots of storage containers hanging around taking up space on what little room I have. I house my classic ink pads in a plastic crate which is shelved unless I am using them. So instead I have made use of a Tim Holtz tool. All the sponges connect to the ink tool via velcro so I went out and bought myself some dots and attached one to the back of the Ink pad. This way when I have finished inking I can just attach the sponge to the ink pad and I know where it is for next time.

With the sponges attached the ink pads dont sit perfectly but its a little price to pay in my individual case.

How do you organise your sponges etc??

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