Sunday, 20 October 2013

Gift Bow Bigz L Die & Big Shot Machine

I bought the set of these already pre-cut and just needing some assembly but think I may splurge sometime in the future. I could use these big bows for so many things. Obviously the most common would be on presents. But what about garlands, wreaths, disposable bonnets for dress-ups, on cards, to embellish a paper bag or attach to the back of chairs for special events!! These were just some if the ideas poking around in my head and its only early in the morning!!! LOL

You can order this beauty in the catalogue. You would also need a big shot machine. These machines are simply awesome. I procrasticated about buying one for ages and finally did after I went to a workshop and haven't looked back. I used it just about everytime I scrapbook or make cards.

The Big shot is a machine that allows you to sandwich paper and cutting die between two plastic sheets and roll through the machine which applies the cutting pressure. They are expensive but you could use hostess dollars or half price options at one of your workshops to bring the cost down significantly.

If you have never seen one in action here is a how to video.

Where to find in the catalogue?
Gift Bow BigzL die - Seasonal Catalogue 129977 AUD $55.95
Big Shot Machine - Annual Catalogue 113439 AUD $149.95

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Magnetic Platform and Thinlit Dies

Hi everyone just a few quick Internet shares before I hit the hay and get ready for another working day. Really looking forward to the weekend to play with a few new product that came in the mail this week. One of these included the star stamp set and I am waiting on the envelop maker which by the way will be available for you to order 29 th October so if you want one let me know ASAP :) 

The other great product coming out is the flip card dies. There is a circle and a label one and they make an easy job of cards with a difference.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Another Great Wreath

Well I really liked the wreath I made the other day but this one is simply awesome too! its fun watching all the techniques that people try. Would love to try this one out as my plan is to have a blue/ silver themed Christmas this year and it looks fantastic.

Got distracted this afternoon browsing the web and found another couple of cute projects to try. The owl punch is an absolute favourite from the stampin up catalogue and I love these little gift packets from so cute.

These little butterfly cards are really cute too. from

Happy Crafting :)

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Christmas Wreath Project

I was at the craft shop one day and I bought about 5 foam wreaths and a shirtload of pins with the intention to create wreaths for everyone! Throwing them like Frisbees at my friends as gifts to bring joyful Christmassy goodness to the season. Needless to say they ended up in my cupboard until.... drum roll...... I saw a you tube video from stampinwithtami on how to make paper wreaths... well I was set......
Yep what a sinch!
Gathered all  my materials and got started.
Mmm hangon
This is beginning to look like a dogs breakfast.......

Indeedy doo I got about a quarter in then realised I would have to dismantle this baby and give it another go. In the end this is my finished project.
However I am going to share my tips with you should you wish to make the same journey without peril and a mouth like a sailor.

1. Invest in a quilling tool. This will enable you to keep skin on your fingers. I've heard the lyrics "play til your fingers bleed" whatever you do don't "craft til your fingers resemble a fried lobster!" They wont set you back more than a few dollars.

2. Curl from both ends to meet in the middle. That way you can from the middle without having to unroll. I like this tightly rolled Shirley Temple look reminded me of my nana after a perm job.
3. Layer two together as a cross. I also highly recommend the use of a small amount of glue on the underside before pinning as well. I was having a lot of trouble with the pins coming out as I made my way around the wreath and this made sure that everything stayed where it flippin well should of.

4. I started in the middle of the wreath,. Went all the way around in a circle then began another row until I filled it all in. I ended up only using three double sided pieces of 12x12 cardstock that I had cut into 1cm strips. This is a smaller decofoam shape the size being 200mm (30mm thick).

And there you have it... finally a project in completion... until I finish the others of course LOL

I have also included the video where I got the idea from below

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Shadow Box Card Tutorial

I have always loved the look of these shadow box cards and finally got around to making one. I used some of the new Christmas papers from Stampin up and some ready made embellishments from the Kaiser range. It also gave me the opportunity to use one of the little glass bottles that I got from the reject shop last time I visited with the intention to make something with them.. and low and behold I have !! LOL

I have created a little how to video on how to go about constructing the base for this type of card. I have also included link to a PDF where you can print and store the instructions for how to make it if you are like me and its a bit of time before you "finally get around to it" :)

If this is something that you might like me to demonstrate at a class hosted by you contact me :)

Link to Shadow Box Template

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Stampin Up- Secret Garden Stamp Set

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